Friday, November 16, 2018

Caulipower Pizza - New Product Review

Caulipower Pizza, new product review! 

Oh my, this pizza was delicious and next time I will add toppings to mushrooms, black olives, sausage, bacon, and so on. There was absolutely no sweetness to the sauce.

Mike was skeptical that a cauliflower crust would taste good but he said he was "pleasantly surprised", and had seconds. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this treat and would most definitely buy it again. I got this at our local Hannaford Supermarket. 

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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Sugar & Chronic Pain

The only time I crave sweets lately is when I am in pain. I have back, hip and knee joint issues, mostly. Last night I turned onto my right side (yes that's all it takes sometimes) and threw out 3 vertebrae in my back again and now I have to suffer through this pain until I can get back in to see the doctor on the 23rd. Sometimes it will spontaneously resolve itself in 3-5 days, if I am lucky, and do pretty much nothing except breathe (which is easier said than done when this first happens). 

So, of course when I dragged myself out of bed to get the Advil and an ice pack I stopped to get a hot cup of coffee and some dried apple slices for the sugar content. That blew my fasting for today, but oh well. 

How many of you eat when you are in pain?

Eating the dried apple gave me the natural sugar of the fruit which as I've read releases dopamine and natural opioids in the brain, natural pain killers to help with the pain. Really a two edge sword though as the sugar also aggravates inflammation, which we know is not a good thing.

Here is a link for those of you wanting to learn more about pain. Sugar & Chronic Pain

Time for me to go reapply my ice pack and get another nice hot cup of coffee.
Enjoy your day. Stay safe. Be blessed.

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(We had about 2" of snow last night.)

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Low Carb Keto For 2

Since Mike is recuperating from shoulder surgery and doing well, I might add, he is sort of captive to my way of eating and he's happy to just sit back and let me do the cooking for a change.  Well, guess what he is eating these days?   Yes, low carb/Keto foods.

Brunch today was; mushrooms, spinach and cherry tomatoes sauteed in coconut oil with scrambled eggs made with butter and bacon that was oven crisped. 

Since this is No, No, November (no counting, no weighing, no stress) I did not calculate the calories and macros for this however I do know they are right in line with what I need to do to maintain this way of eating.  

I'm hoping Mike sees a difference on the scale and with how his clothes fit when he's recovered, enough to continue eating this way with me as it would be so much easier. He has about 3-4 more weeks in the sling.  Think that's enough time to convert him?  We'll see.  Yesterday Jacob gave him a handful of one of his favorite candies "Mike & Ike" and they are still sitting in the little dish beside his recliner.  That's a good sign!

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  I hope the sun is shining on you and you feel the blessings in the air. 

Monday, November 5, 2018

Soups On!

Soup season! 
Don't some of us just love a steaming hot bowl of soup on a damp, drizzly Autumn day? I know I do. I hope you are doing "home made" soups only as so many canned soups contain sugar.
This really hit home for me yesterday when my Hubby asked me to heat this can of soup for him. I tasted the broth and immediately knew it was full of sugar, checked the can and there it was in the second row (at the end) of the ingredients list....SUGAR. To think I was going to have a cup of this broth and give him the rest of the soup. No way!

When I say read, read, means everything. He was not happy about the sugar as he is really trying to go more low carb/Keto with me now.  How awesome is that!

Here's a link to a site that has lots of great low carb soups, 48 to be exact.  I hope you check it out and find something just right for your taste.   Just click here:   Keto Soup Recipes

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Thursday, November 1, 2018

No, No, November

I am embarking on NO, NO, NOVEMBER! No weighing, no counting calories and macros, and no stress. I know what you are thinking "good f'n luck on that last one, huh."
Today's weight - 122.8 and that's all I'm doing for this month.

First meal of the day around 1 p.m. after 17 hr. fasting. Mike and I had shaved steak with onions browned  in butter and olive oil with scrambled eggs.

Mike had shoulder surgery on Tuesday and since he's not able to cook for himself (evil laugh inserted), he's going to be eating more low carb than ever before and like it. And, he does!

Even though his arm is in a sling and he can't do much, he's still doing his best to help me with the chores. I started up the laundry and he hollered "the washer stopped" so I could put the clothes into the dryer.  How sweet is that?

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