Saturday, November 25, 2017

Norway, Maine 2017 Christmas Parade of Fire Engines

Sunny with a bit of a chill in the air.....a beautiful day for the Norway, Maine 2017 Annual Christmas Parade sponsored by the Oxford Hills Chamber of Commerce. Here is the parade of fire engines from Norway and the surrounding towns. Cover your ears! Please share with anyone who has children because they are sure to love it.......

And, no Christmas Parade is complete until Santa and Mrs. Claus make their appearance.

And, Mrs. Claus was sure to read that note that she was just handed so she could follow up on the little girl's Christmas wish as soon as she got back to the North Pole.

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Friday, November 24, 2017

Thankful My Husband Listens and Respects My Opinion

It is wonderful to have a spouse who really listens to you and respects your opinion.  He also has respect for my intuition and insightfullness, my way of reframing tthoughts and speech to accentuate the positive and seek clarity. 

My 97 Jeep was making some really evil sounding noises (like growling and gnashing of teeth) so I spent some time online listening to Jeep sounds.  Jeep owners will understand that there is this game we play called "What's that noise?"  Jeeps are very good at letting you know when they are not happy.

I found a video about "flex plate bolts coming loose" and knew, that I knew, that I knew.....let's just say I was pretty sure I knew this was our problem. 

Well, my brother told him it was probably a bearing.  Mike hadn't discounted my suggestion about the flex plate altogether but then yesterday (yes, on Thanksgiving Day) seeing it was a sunny and not so windy day he decided to follow up on my flex plate idea.

Here's the video Mike made showing he had 3 loose bolts on the flex plate.  He came in afterwards and said "thanks."   We took the Jeep for a test drive and all was fine until we were on our way home 
and began hearing another noise.  "What's that noise?"  See, I told you.......

When we got back and Mike shut off the Jeep we heard the noise wind down.....tssh tssh tssh, tssh tssh, tssh........  We immediately knew this was nothing to do with the flex plate and got under the hood as quickly as we could. There it was.....the protective cover over the fan blades has broken off on one end and was hitting the fan blades.  Hence, the winding down noise.  He fixed that lickety-split and now our awesome Jeep with over 277,000 miles on her has a new lease on life and will get to see many more rock crawls and adventures.

It also means we can stop actively looking for a replacement for her and keep saving instead.  That's always a good thing.  

This is Mike's video, just in case you are interested.  He does make a few witty remarks and I just love hearing his voice.

Thanks for visiting me today.  It's a good day to read blogs and digest all that Thanksgiving Day food.  Yes, I indulged (it was a calorie-free day, wasn't it).  Back on track today.   

Monday, November 20, 2017

Comfort Zone and Irish Prayer

Comfort zone............... even in my pajamas!  My lowest weight since I started eating Keto in May 2017 at 154 pounds.   I'm speechless.......

I have no idea why this Irish Prayer came to mind but here it is anyway.  Maybe it will make someone laugh today or they will pray it and it will come true like it did for me one day when I was a visiting nurse in Massachusetts.  My supervisor was a lady of many talents, one of which was bullshitting her staff into thinking she was their friend when all along stabbing some of us in the back.  I was wise to her though....and during a staff meeting I silently said this little Irish Prayer and when she got up to leave the meeting she twisted her ankle and limped out of the room.  Then, I silently laughed and said, "thank you Lord you've made my day."

An Irish Prayer

May those that love us
Love us.
And, them that don't
May God turn their hearts.
And, if He can't
Turn their hearts,
May he turn their ankles
So we'll know them 
By their limping.

Thinking about this always makes me laugh.......Thanks for stopping by.  I wish you a beautiful new week.  Spread's infectious.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

New Restaurant In Town - The 290 Maine Street Restaurant & Pub

Mike and I were on our way over to Market Square for a bite to eat and saw that 290 Main Street Restaurant & Pub wasn't very busy.  Having wanted to try the food there for some time, we decided to pull the car over and do it NOW.....

A great little place with that sports pub atmosphere yet not too intimidating for the older crowd just there for a good meal.  As the evening progressed there was a good mix of all ages and lots of laughter.

My meal tonight was a Mushroom, Swiss Burger with no bun; lettuce, tomato, dill pickles and onion, with a side Caesar Salad (I did not eat the croutons) and some nice hot tea.

Mike had Beef Tips with garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus, with a nice hot cup of tea, too. 

It was a most pleasurable dining experience and one we are likely to do again soon; there are so many wonderful new choices on the menu.  

Thanks for visiting my blog.  The new week is right around the corner.  I hope yours is wonderful.

The Creative Ketoite - Favorite Things To Eat (weight 122.2)

I like to store pictures of what I eat in a file called "The Creative Ketoite."  I thought if I ever wanted to do a totally food blog it would be a great title, unless someone else grabs it first.  No plans for that just yet but I thought I'd share some pics of some of my favorite things to eat that keep the pounds coming off "tenths" at a time.


Classic breakfast - bacon, eggs, spinach and mushrooms all cooked in butter or sometimes coconut oil.

Bacon, plain omelet style eggs, with spinach and Feta cheese.

Steakumm and onions with fried egg, done in olive oil or butter. With hot buttered coffee. 

Canadian bacon, scrambled eggs over spinach and topped with Feta cheese and Salsa.

Lunch or Dinner

Taco Bowl - romaine lettuce, ground beef (no Taco seasoning), Mexican 4 cheese, salsa, sour cream and bacon.

Beef tips in brown gravy with lettuce, Italian dressing and lemon water.

Chicken thigh with pork rind crust, mixed salad. 

Egg salad stuffed filling. 

Shrimp cooked in butter with wilted spinach and yes, that is a diet Coke.  Don't often have diet Coke but used to drink Coke quite frequently and wanted the taste again.  I don't tolerate Aspartame very well so it's not one of my usual drinks while on Keto. 


Pepperoni, Monterey Jack and Guacamole......

Low carb Pizza made with Joseph's low carb Pita, with sliced meatballs and mozzarella cheese.  When that pizza fix is needed these are also great with some sauce, cheese and pepperoni.  One small pita pizza is very filling and only averages 4 carbs, if I remember correctly. Haven't had one of these in a while. 

Celery with bacon and peanut butter for dipping them "both." 

Of course, then there is the 
almonds, peacans, walnuts, turkey bites, beef sticks and crunchy cheese whisps.  Snacks are certainly not lacking in my house.  

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  I do hope you are having a great weekend.  Now I think I need to get something to eat.  Today's weight is 122.2 -

Have a blessed day!