Friday, October 20, 2017

Breakfast With My Baby..... and Weekly Ketchup

Beautiful day here in this morning to pick up Mike's truck which was being undercoated to protect it from rusting.  The body shop found a few bad spots in the frame which needed repairing so the bill is about $500. higher than projected but still well within our plans for what we intended to spend on this job.  Always a blessing when that happens.  

We've now been DEBT FREE for a year........and lovin' it! 
Mike has 198 days left until he retires.

Started Keto in May 2017 at 154 lbs., current weight 125. Been fluctuating between 124.2 and 125.8 for the passed few days.  Figured out it's the aspartame in the Diet Coke I started drinking that's causing the weight gain and fluctuating.  I watched a video about artificial sweeteners and how they are not the be all to end all most people think they are.  It seems they are converted by the body somehow and end up causing just as much trouble as real sugar if you happen to be one of the people who is "sensitive" to the artificial sweetener.  

Evidently, I am one of those people.  So, it's back to black coffee, hot buttered coffee, tea, and lemon water for me.  I will not buy another diet drink again. 

Stopped for breakfast at Market Square in S. Paris, ME this morning after picking up Mike's truck.   Our lovely and fun waitress, Tammy, was chatting me up about low carb dieting.  It's such fun when I get to share such good stuff. 

I ordered the Veggie Scramble with a side of bacon for 441 calories; 30 grams fat, 26 grams protein, and 8 grams of carbohydrates.  So filling that I was only able to eat 2/3 of it, except for the bacon....yes, all 4 slices were gone before you could blink.  I never leave bacon behind.

Looks like a quiet weekend coming up for us.  I was hoping to get away but Mike got asked to work on Saturday so unless there is something interesting coming up over Sunday/Monday it will be puttering around the house, maybe a nice walk in the woods, and some movie time with my honey.   

I wish you all a beautiful weekend.  Stay safe wherever you go and whatever you do.  

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Off Road Adventure Part 2 of My Birthday Weekend Fun

On Sunday, the 8th, Mike and I took "Olive" our 97XJ and headed out for our first off road adventure with a group I had recently joined online called the Lake Region Jeepers.

Having talked about doing this for a long time, I thought it was time we DID IT!  Knocking those things off my bucket list seems to be happening more frequently as my health improves which I attribute to my Ketogenic way of eating.  Not only do I no longer have the ringing in my ears, brain fog, irritable bowel,  or much pain from Fibromyalgia, but even the lipomas from Dercum's that are throughout my body have shrunk considerably to where they no longer press on nerve endings and cause pain.  Such blessings I have been experiencing since discovering Keto.  And of course the 29 lbs. weight loss in 5 months doesn't hurt a bit. Not only am I lighter but,  I am more flexible and have increased stamina. 

All this improvement in my health has caused a resurgence in activity and desire to be active.  So I found a local Jeep club online and joined, knowing they would have many trail rides and activities we could participate in and make some new friends.  We met some of them for the first time at their meeting place in Bridgton, ME.

It's a family friendly group and there were several children along for the morning rides. Everyone was so welcoming and genuinely out for a good time with friends.

Here's our "Olive" girl in the middle of the line up getting ready to hit the first trail of the day.  She was the oldest and only stock vehicle in the group.  And she did us proud, with Mike's skillful driving, and got us through some pretty scary places. 

Unfortunately, cell phone photos don't do the road conditions any justice.  Next time I need to get out and get photos but I was having too much fun learning how Mike was maneuvering those boulders and tree branches.  I had always had confidence in the Jeep before because it got me through some pretty scary places when I was a Visiting Nurse but now I had even more respect for this old gal, who with 277,000 miles on her keeps on ticking.

We ended the day back at one of the rest stops between trails and got us our first meal of the day while most of the group headed off to the really difficult trails for the afternoon ride.  

This is Melby's Market & Eatery in Waterford, ME.  Very accommodating establishment to the off road crowd as well as locals with awesome food, the best coffee,  and a clean bathroom.

I ordered the "Pastrami Gold" (pastrami, light seeded rye bread, carmelized onions, and swiss cheese with Dijon mustard).  I made it an open face sandwich and had a couple of chips for some crunch.  Mike had the same except he had french fries instead of chips.
It was so filling it held us nicely for the rest of the day.  Later that evening I had a serving of almonds for a snack.

New low weight this morning -

Only 2.8 lbs. short of my goal weight of 122.

I am so thankful that the day went so well.  I'm going to try taking the Canon camera next time and mounting it to the dash for some better pictures.  Can't wait for our next off road adventure.  Maybe I'll do some of the driving next time, too.  We'll be continued.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I do hope the sun is shining where you are and you enjoy this beautiful day. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Coffee Shop Observations

Yesterday, while in N. Conway, NH for my train ride and lunch aboard the Conway Scenic Railroad, we stopped into a little nearby coffee shop just before the trip.  While sitting at our little table, Mike asked me what the older couple was doing.  I snapped a photo of the room scene and we discovered they were doing crossword puzzles.

Not sipping their beverages and conversing, but doing crosswords.  There were young people all around engaged in conversation; some to our left talking about things they are doing or intend to do, and some sitting right behind us discussing their college school work and other things.  There wasn't one cellphone in sight, except mine snapping the photo.

How wonderful it was to hear all the chatter.  And it just goes to show that not all of the younger generations have cellphones glued to their ears.  I felt sad for that older couple who evidently had nothing to converse about over coffee in this lovely place today.

Just want to share a poem and little watercolor I did about "Crosswords." From an observation and sketch I did in a Doctor's office while waiting for Mike.

Thank you for stopping by.  Happy Saturday.  What will you observe this weekend....

Friday, October 6, 2017

Conway Scenic Railroad Birthday Lunch On The Train

Conway Scenic Railroad birthday lunch on the train today. Got our reservations for today since they were all booked yesterday and had a great time. Started out the day with rain but just before getting on the train the sky cleared and we had partly sunny weather the rest of the day.

While waiting for our train to come in, one of the employees named Derek was entertaining us with stories about the history of the train and other anecdotes. He was funnier than any comedian I've heard in years. Mike has this booming laugh and when he laughs it makes me laugh so Derek got a kick out of us laughing and asked if were had first class tickets because if we didn't he was going to get us an upgrade for being so responsive to his monologue. Well, we already had first class tickets so he gave Mike a tote bag.....

See....he's still laughing.

Just some of the wonderful conductors and employees of the Railroad.

We had seating in the Chocorua dining car. Our lovely waitresses Carol and Amy were so delightful.

The 3 course meal was a real treat. I had the Caesar side salad to start, followed by a Portabella mushroom burger (no meat) with potato salad and dill pickle. Dessert was a 1/2 cup of Apple Crisp with real whipped cream.

Mike had the fruit cup, followed by a Roast Beef with Maple crispy things on it and potato salad too, and of course the Apple Crisp for dessert.

What was especially nice was when Mike turned to me and said, "this is really good, it's just like the stuff you've been making at home." What a compliment.... I'm just sorry I forgot to get some photos of the food to share as well.

There was a family with three toddlers seated several tables behind us and they were so well behaved and a pleasure to be sharing the ride with. (that's them on the left, last table)

I didn't get much in the way of scenery photos because the windows had screens on them and the interior lights reflected in the windows so the photos didn't come out very good.

Also while in N. Conway, NH we walked along Main Street and visited the local Penny Candy Store where Mike got himself some treats. Offered me some chocolates too and then remembered "you're not eating that, are you?" The thought was wonderful and I respectfully declined the chocolates.

I couldn't have asked for a better day all around. The truck was very comfortable on the long drive and it will surely be fun to take more trips with it. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed sharing in our adventure on the train. If you are ever visiting North Conway, NH you just have to take one of the many trips they offer.

I do hope you've had a wonderful day.
Hugs, Carol

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Wal-Mart Walking, Old Wisconsin Turkey Sausage Bites - Product Review

Hello everyone, another beautiful day here in Maine.  Decided to go to Wal-mart for my walking and browsing like I do a few times a week.  This time I intend to do more walking than buying.  You know what they say about "good intentions."

Anyway, I did find some bargain racks with items for $1 and $3.
Got this new racer back tank top for next summer, it fits great now so I know it will fit then too. 

I really like the crocheted straps and back insert.  

Got a few other plain tank tops and a new red short-sleeved Henley shirt for Jacob.  He always has to have at least one red shirt in the closet ever since he was little and this one will be perfect for the Spring. 

In the checkout line I spied these Old Wisconsin Turkey Bites that looked interesting.  So I read the nutrition label and figured I'd give them a try.

That serving of 6 is less than 1 gram of carbs.  Can't beat that and they were very filling.  Had a little bit of a "kick" to them too.  But not overpowering.  Definitely worth two thumbs up as a wonderful snack or quick low calorie lunch with a piece of cheese.

Just for an added bonus today I'll show you what's been happening to me when I get into the Jeep now that I've been sitting on a special cushion for my spine problem......

Yep, I keep banging my head on the door frame.  At least I'm an equal opportunity head banger because when Mike drives I do the same thing on the other side. 

I need to learn to duck and then lift up onto the cushion.  Sure gives me one banging headache.  LOL

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you've had a wonderful day.  You can stop laughing now........