Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Nature Makes Me Smile

I just love it when I am going about my day and nature does something to make me smile.  Life is good.   I hope you find this makes you smile, too.


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Brunch In The City

Mike and I had some errands to do today, over in the city, so we stopped in at one of our favorite diners for some brunch and got this wonderful surprise.............

......they had decorated in honor of the upcoming Hot Air Balloon Festival.  It was so magical sitting there amid the lit balloons and cotton clouds.  It's always a great dining experience at Rolly's Diner in Auburn, ME. 

Even the rain couldn't dampen our spirits.   Thanks for stopping by.  I do hope you are having a wonderful week.

Monday, July 2, 2018

How Not To Cook Bacon On A Grill - Epic Failure

I recently saw a post on Facebook where someone said they cooked bacon out on the grill because it was too hot to cook in the house.  So...................we tried it this morning.  DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME

And by what you will now see, I am sure you will agree it was an epic failure.
I layered the bacon on a disposable aluminum grill tray which as my 1st mistake.
Mike got the grill up to the same temperature as I would use in the oven and we put the tray on the grill.

Looks so nice, doesn't it!

He closed the lid and monitored the temperature and the smoke started to billow out.  And, you could see flames inside the grill from the dripping bacon fat.  

Checking the bacon revealed that only certain parts were cooking so he turned the tray around to put the uncooked bacon over the hot side.

Then all HELL broke loose.............

as you can see from all the flames.   Some reached out to get Mike and I offered to get the hose.....oh, then I remembered it would be a grease fire and water is not what you use.   Baking soda is good if you don't have a chemical fire extinguisher as we do in the kitchen for grease or electrical fires.  I also offered to throw sand on it from the floor of the pole barn and Mike said absolutely not, he was not going to clean sand out of the grill.  I told him I'd rather buy a new one  than see him on fire because I wanted to cook bacon on the grill. 

Well, this is the results, melted aluminum tray and all .........

Bacon still on fire on the plate.

Melted aluminum tray.

And, since aluminum is poisonous and the bacon was extra crispy we opted for dumping it in the trash which we both thought was a smart move. 

Then Mike asks, do you have more bacon?  He wants to try it again but this time a few slices at a time with the grill top left open so he can monitor it like it was being cooked on the stove.   I guess we'll be going to the store later because he wants to do it again tomorrow.

What a guy!

He just told me it is WORLD UFO DAY today, he saw it on the computer so it must be true, right. I guess around here UFO means UNIDENTIFIED FRIED OBJECT.

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Pomp and Circumstance

the proud graduate
Jacob T. Reis 
OHCHS 2018

Thanks for visiting my blog today.
Be blessed.