Sunday, April 24, 2016

Weekly Ketchup (w/e 4-23-16)

Good day to everyone!  Another week passed and lots of things done.  Some work, some fun!

Put up some bird feeders -

for the chickadees and other birds

for the hummingbirds

Bought some flowers to plant in the rock garden -

WIP - watercolor of  a barn door with broken fence in progress

A visit to my favorite Chinese buffet with the cutest sign on the door -

Watching visitors to the bird house -

Checking out cool bottles at the Flea Market -

The boys are back in town -

I'm sure they will give me things to blog about as always.  

I hope your new week starts out beautifully and is full of love and laughter.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Catching Some Sun

Saw this really big (16" x 10") sun catcher at the flea market yesterday and couldn't believe they had a $12.00 price tag on it.  It was a no was going home with me.

I have lots of these purple Iris in my garden later in the summer so now I can enjoy this one all year long.  I guess this is my new favorite addition to my home.

Enjoy your day!

Nature's Abstract or My Attempt at Oil Painting with Palette Knife

This is from a view of my stone wall that I see out of the studio window.  It was near the end of last fall after a light snow; there was moss, and this one little leaf resting on one of the stones.  I saw it early in the morning when that glaze of dampness covers everything and it just looks so surreal.  I call it "Nature's Abstract."  

I chose to try the palette knife because I wanted the stone effect.  Please feel free to comment. Should I pursue this type of painting further?

Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Friday, April 22, 2016

(Update 4-22-16 with great review by New York Concert Review) When Your Grandson Sings at Carnegie Hall...............

you cry when you are listening to them sing.

Thought I'd put this link up front since many of you have already see this post.  I hope those of you visiting for the first time will check out the rest.

New York Concert Review

And first there was -

Here is a link to some of today's rehearsal for the MAINE FESTIVAL CHORUS which will perform this Sunday at Carnegie Hall.  Choirs from around the state of Maine were invited to join together to sing at this prestigious event.  They met in New York City yesterday and are enjoying sights and sounds of the city as well as rehearsing.

My grandson Jacob is in there somewhere..............I hope you'll click this link to listen.

Maine Festival Chorus

Here is a photo of our local Chamber Choir from their recent Spring Concert here in Maine. Jacob is first row center.

I will be with him Sunday in spirit.

Saturday Update -
Thanks to the wonderful chaperones we have been given lots of photos on FB of the sights they are seeing.

Jacob is on the far right.

I wonder who this character could be?

I think today they are going on the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and tonight taking in a Broadway Show.

What a wonderful experience for these great kids, every one!

The group went to see "Something Rotten" on Broadway, Saturday night.

Earlier in the day it was a trip to the Zoo.

Then Sunday, their big performance at Carnegie Hall........................................... 8:30 PM.

Jacob still front and center.
What an awesome group from the state of Maine. 

The after party.  Looks like they were hungry.

Our group should be arriving home in about 4 more hours.  We pray for safe traveling for all, and that the good memories of this event spur them on to even greater endeavors.

Update 4-20-16.............I have a link to some actual footage of their performance of "Caladonia" by Dougie MacLean.  I hope you are moved by this beautiful song.

Click to listen -   "Caladonia" by Dougie MacLean

Thanks so much for sharing this adventure with me.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

We Be Jammin' and Going Solo

I do hope you enjoy listening to my grandsons jam on the piano Jon and I bought at an auction for a mere $70.  Click the link to see my post "When You Absolutely Must Have That Piano" at

"When You Absolutely Must Have That Piano...."

And, here's one of only Jon going solo ....

Thanks for stopping by to visit.
Enjoy your day!

Coincidence, Scam or Just a Keen Awareness of The World Around Us

Some things are just impossible to explain.  So, we chalk them up to things like coincidence, a scam, deja vu, or maybe just that we have a keen awareness of the world around us.

Whatever it is, and why it happens is a mystery but it's also fascinating to some of us and when these things happen it makes life interesting.

Take for instance my recent post about "Salem"  "Ironic or Just Plain Spooky" .

These things have been happening more frequently in my life, this whole week.   It started the morning I awakened having a vertigo attack.  It was also the night that something was going on with the planets lining up or something I didn't pay attention to and now can't find anything on the specific incident.  I hate when that happens.

For the last few days both Mike and I have been noticing multiples............that is, we are seeing the same things repeated throughout the day, like when you wake up at 7:35 and then go to the store for three items and it totals exactly $7.35, you know what I mean.

When you buy a car and then you notice just how many of them exactly like it are on the road everywhere you go................

Well, we kept seeing those 5 gallon water jugs that are put on top of water coolers.  Those things kept popping up in large quantities, in movies we've been watching, and other places. "What's with the jugs," he asked me.   I shrugged.   He notices these things too.

One thing that can be really scary these days is how thieves can pass by and, with the use of some sort of scanning device, steal your credit card information or clone your cell phone.
It's the day and age people!   No more is it just a jungle out there but it's more like a multi-dimensional chess board and most of us are the pawns.

Today it's my husband's cell phone that's gone berserk.  He keeps getting voice mail that is all garbled, full of static.................and yes, sounds other-worldly.  I had the bright idea to check the White Pages Reverse Phone Look-Up site to try to pin down the number and this is what I found..............

It is coming from the area Mike and I were in yesterday, over in the city buying him new eye glasses.  We parked right in front of this building where a man was standing with what looked like a cell phone in his hand.

Could he have been cloning phones of passers-by......................sure.  Did he clone Mike's phone?  Could have because he left it in the car.  Who knows.

I'm still dealing with the vertigo; taking antihistamines, doing maneuvers to realign the inner ear particles and sometimes walking with a cane for stability.   Right now I feel like my life is and episode of "As The World Turns."   And as my world turns I'm waiting for the cash in my wallet to multiply..............hmmm, not gonna happen!  

Let's see what today brings.
Thanks for visiting my blog today.
I wish you every happiness.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ironic or Just Plain Spooky

I started watching the series "Salem" on Netflix yesterday.  I watched another episode today.

How ironic is it that just a few minutes ago I received a call from .......

none other than Salem, Massachusetts.   They didn't leave a message so I used the reverse white pages look-up feature and found it's from Twilio, a communications company.

Is someone trying to send me a message?  I think it's just plain spooky.  Don't you?

Thanks for stopping by today.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Home Tweet Home

My guys put up a new birdhouse for me..........well, not exactly for ME.  We had a pretty House Wren sitting in the tree looking rather puzzled as to where the old bird house went.  Last fall the pole had rotted through at the bottom and it toppled to the ground leaving the new arrivals homeless.  But, never fear...........Mike and Jon to the rescue.

And, about 40 minutes was finished.  Just a basic model but I can't wait to see who checks it out.

Home Tweet Home!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Antiques, Flea Markets and Such

Once a week, Mike and I go visit our local antique shops in search of those treasures offered at a reasonable price that we can in turn sell on our Ebay site.

This is Mike at his favorite booth.  A man and his tools. We've actually found a lot of great items here.

Sometimes those treasures become part of my home for a time so I can enjoy them before sending them off to a new home. Of course, loving old bottles, I often pick up one or two. Such as these that are sitting on top of the china cabinet (not where the photos were taken) ......

I'm often drawn to trinket boxes like this pretty pink, ceramic covered jar with the little angel on top.

Here is a short tour of some of my favorite booths to visit....

And, after a short while.............this is exactly how I feel and it's time to go home.

Nap time!
Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Update - Bottles from the Past (much cleaner NOW)

Many years ago, I owned an old Sea Captain's cottage in New Bedford, MA (the Whaling City).  Like a magpie, I was intrigued by whatever those sparkling objects were that I could see poking out from the dirt in the crawl space.   I donned some old scrubs, gloves, shoe covers, and a hat.  I armed myself with a good flashlight (or torch, for my British friends), a trowel, and a bucket and can of bug spray in case one of those critters (lots of spiders) decided to hitch a ride out of there.  The crawl space was only about 3 feet high so I had to squat down the whole time and sort of duck waddle across the expanse of the house.  Oh, I do wish I had a photo to show you................

After several hours of digging and scraping I came away with a bucket of very old bottles, some of which I will show you here.  My all time favorites are the Clicquot Club soda bottles of which I have a pair showing how the logo (on the bottom) changed over the years.

Do you remember Clicquot Club???

This is the older logo, and the bottle is bluer.  The little Eskimo is designed very plain with no details on his outfit.

This is the newer logo, and the bottle is greener.   See how the little Eskimo shows fur outfit.

Other bottles I found are Pocasset Beverages, Friendship Bottling, Hiram Wheaton & Sons, and others.

I do regret not going back down there the next day or any day thereafter but I didn't because I didn't have a place to show the ones I had already dug up.  That is until I moved to Maine and bought this house with the bow window facing southwest.

Now they come out ritually every spring and grace the window and I get to enjoy them over and over again.

If anyone has a secret to cleaning them out I would greatly appreciate hearing about it.  I used a bottle brush in them with baking soda and detergent but they are still so dirty inside it makes it difficult to get good pictures and for them to sparkle like they should.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  I wish you much joy in your day.

Update -  I used denture tabs and a tool I made by wrapping a very long and thick pipe cleaner around a thin stick to get the bottles clean.  Here is some of the results -





I'd show you more but we'd be here all day...................  I think you get the picture.  I tried the vinegar, the baking soda, and a degreasing soap but it was the denture tabs that did the trick.

Enjoy your day.  Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

When You Absolutely Must Have That Piano..........

What's a girl to do?  You go to an auction with your grandson and there is an 1887 Mason & Hamlin Screwstringer Upright piano waiting to be given love by some wonderful person.  Your grandson starts playing and your heart fills with joy.  People come from inside the auction hall to see who is playing that beautiful music and your joy swells.

I'll tell you what a girl does...................she bids on that piano and gets it for $70. plus delivery cost and when it is delivered the next day, she is a very happy woman.

And look who found his home beside that very same piano..........the iron Gnome that was my Grandmother's and lived beside her piano when I was a child.

So if you like to go to auctions, I hope all your buys are as fun as this one has been for me.
I got to listen to 3 hrs. of beautiful music played by my grandson yesterday.  I was in heaven.

Blessings to all,