Thursday, April 21, 2016

Coincidence, Scam or Just a Keen Awareness of The World Around Us

Some things are just impossible to explain.  So, we chalk them up to things like coincidence, a scam, deja vu, or maybe just that we have a keen awareness of the world around us.

Whatever it is, and why it happens is a mystery but it's also fascinating to some of us and when these things happen it makes life interesting.

Take for instance my recent post about "Salem"  "Ironic or Just Plain Spooky" .

These things have been happening more frequently in my life, this whole week.   It started the morning I awakened having a vertigo attack.  It was also the night that something was going on with the planets lining up or something I didn't pay attention to and now can't find anything on the specific incident.  I hate when that happens.

For the last few days both Mike and I have been noticing multiples............that is, we are seeing the same things repeated throughout the day, like when you wake up at 7:35 and then go to the store for three items and it totals exactly $7.35, you know what I mean.

When you buy a car and then you notice just how many of them exactly like it are on the road everywhere you go................

Well, we kept seeing those 5 gallon water jugs that are put on top of water coolers.  Those things kept popping up in large quantities, in movies we've been watching, and other places. "What's with the jugs," he asked me.   I shrugged.   He notices these things too.

One thing that can be really scary these days is how thieves can pass by and, with the use of some sort of scanning device, steal your credit card information or clone your cell phone.
It's the day and age people!   No more is it just a jungle out there but it's more like a multi-dimensional chess board and most of us are the pawns.

Today it's my husband's cell phone that's gone berserk.  He keeps getting voice mail that is all garbled, full of static.................and yes, sounds other-worldly.  I had the bright idea to check the White Pages Reverse Phone Look-Up site to try to pin down the number and this is what I found..............

It is coming from the area Mike and I were in yesterday, over in the city buying him new eye glasses.  We parked right in front of this building where a man was standing with what looked like a cell phone in his hand.

Could he have been cloning phones of passers-by......................sure.  Did he clone Mike's phone?  Could have because he left it in the car.  Who knows.

I'm still dealing with the vertigo; taking antihistamines, doing maneuvers to realign the inner ear particles and sometimes walking with a cane for stability.   Right now I feel like my life is and episode of "As The World Turns."   And as my world turns I'm waiting for the cash in my wallet to multiply..............hmmm, not gonna happen!  

Let's see what today brings.
Thanks for visiting my blog today.
I wish you every happiness.


  1. Dear Carol what a lot of weird things happening in your world. Where there is technology there's a chance for theft. Hope you get over the vertigo soon and Mike's phone starts working. Please take care friend. Hugs

  2. Thanks Debbie. I've lived with the vertigo all my life; sometimes it's worse than others. This isn't an easy time unfortunately. It's worse as I get older. Means no high heels, no bridges, no balconies.....etc. I need my feet on terra firma. Enjoy your day my friend.

  3. fascinating post. I related to so much of it.Scary about the cell phones. saw 60 Minutes on Sunday and to think they (hackers) can see you even with phone off, horrifies me.
    Also the vertigo. I have had it on and off for over 40 years so I truly understand.
    The exercises help. Mine is "positional vertigo" and yours sounds like it is that type too.
    Yoga is a riot and sometimes I can do some positions and other times I can't. I have become a whizz at re-balancing. High heels??? What are they?
    Never a dull moment visiting your blog!

  4. Thanks Julie, nice to know someone else understands these things. I do Tai Chi when the body will cooperate, not so much the vertigo but the joints themselves. I am prone to things slipping out of place sometimes just by standing up from sitting in a chair. Enjoy your day.


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