Monday, April 11, 2016

Home Tweet Home

My guys put up a new birdhouse for me..........well, not exactly for ME.  We had a pretty House Wren sitting in the tree looking rather puzzled as to where the old bird house went.  Last fall the pole had rotted through at the bottom and it toppled to the ground leaving the new arrivals homeless.  But, never fear...........Mike and Jon to the rescue.

And, about 40 minutes was finished.  Just a basic model but I can't wait to see who checks it out.

Home Tweet Home!


  1. Oh Carol I think you will soon have some tweets visiting. Hope you will share some pics of your new residents. Take care and have a delightful week. Hugs!

  2. Love knowing a house wren will have a new home to build it's nest in. Then... will the lady wren approve?
    That looks like a beautiful place you live in.

  3. Thanks Debbie and Julie.......................I'm hoping to hear the peeps of little ones again this year. I am waiting with camera nearby for some quick pics. We love it here; just rural enough to be quiet except for sounds of nature and an occasional car passing by, oh yea and gun shots LOL from hunters. Everything we need is within 6 miles radius so we are not isolated unless we want to be. Enjoy your day!

  4. Good you have two strapping men to build things for you, they did a fine job, were you directing operations or did you let them get on with it!

  5. Yes Diana, I did a bit of directing; especially on placement of the pole as my hubby was putting it too close to the trees and I've read it should be about 10 feet from the nearest branches. Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy your day!

  6. How wonderful to have a brand new house waiting for some lucky bird! I love it when there are birds around me. Brings a lot of joy watching them! Hope you'll post any news on your blog!


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