Sunday, April 3, 2016

When You Absolutely Must Have That Piano..........

What's a girl to do?  You go to an auction with your grandson and there is an 1887 Mason & Hamlin Screwstringer Upright piano waiting to be given love by some wonderful person.  Your grandson starts playing and your heart fills with joy.  People come from inside the auction hall to see who is playing that beautiful music and your joy swells.

I'll tell you what a girl does...................she bids on that piano and gets it for $70. plus delivery cost and when it is delivered the next day, she is a very happy woman.

And look who found his home beside that very same piano..........the iron Gnome that was my Grandmother's and lived beside her piano when I was a child.

So if you like to go to auctions, I hope all your buys are as fun as this one has been for me.
I got to listen to 3 hrs. of beautiful music played by my grandson yesterday.  I was in heaven.

Blessings to all,


  1. Loved this story, Carol. made me feel happy too. Neat to know your grandson loves music.
    The gnome was the perfect finishing touch.

    1. Thanks Julie, so glad you enjoyed my post. I am enjoying having this piano in my home and I've already started learning to play too. I hope to be able to play a song for my husband as a surprise for our 20th anniversary in December. Have a beautiful day!

  2. Dear Carol what a wonderful buy. I can certainly see how you couldn't pass this one up. Sounds to me lime this gift will keep on giving through the talent of your grandson.

  3. I learned to play Hot Cross Buns today. I'm a kid again. My grandson is composing music on a computer program he has and says he'll gladly give me lessons and even write some songs for me. This is great!


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