Friday, April 22, 2016

(Update 4-22-16 with great review by New York Concert Review) When Your Grandson Sings at Carnegie Hall...............

you cry when you are listening to them sing.

Thought I'd put this link up front since many of you have already see this post.  I hope those of you visiting for the first time will check out the rest.

New York Concert Review

And first there was -

Here is a link to some of today's rehearsal for the MAINE FESTIVAL CHORUS which will perform this Sunday at Carnegie Hall.  Choirs from around the state of Maine were invited to join together to sing at this prestigious event.  They met in New York City yesterday and are enjoying sights and sounds of the city as well as rehearsing.

My grandson Jacob is in there somewhere..............I hope you'll click this link to listen.

Maine Festival Chorus

Here is a photo of our local Chamber Choir from their recent Spring Concert here in Maine. Jacob is first row center.

I will be with him Sunday in spirit.

Saturday Update -
Thanks to the wonderful chaperones we have been given lots of photos on FB of the sights they are seeing.

Jacob is on the far right.

I wonder who this character could be?

I think today they are going on the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and tonight taking in a Broadway Show.

What a wonderful experience for these great kids, every one!

The group went to see "Something Rotten" on Broadway, Saturday night.

Earlier in the day it was a trip to the Zoo.

Then Sunday, their big performance at Carnegie Hall........................................... 8:30 PM.

Jacob still front and center.
What an awesome group from the state of Maine. 

The after party.  Looks like they were hungry.

Our group should be arriving home in about 4 more hours.  We pray for safe traveling for all, and that the good memories of this event spur them on to even greater endeavors.

Update 4-20-16.............I have a link to some actual footage of their performance of "Caladonia" by Dougie MacLean.  I hope you are moved by this beautiful song.

Click to listen -   "Caladonia" by Dougie MacLean

Thanks so much for sharing this adventure with me.


  1. What an honor and to have the talent to perform there! You must be proud of his accomplishment! All the best to him :)

  2. Thanks Meera, I think his voice is beautiful and the Choir he is singing with was chosen through the audition process so it is quite an honor for him. He also made All State Choir and because of that he can sing with the National Choir.

  3. Oh friend this is such a great honor. I know you must be so proud. I am going over to hear them now. By the way Jacob certainly looks handsome. Hugs

  4. This is a story which will last through his lifetime. To represent your state in Carnegie Hall.
    He must have worked hard to do so well. A great lesson early in life. I see where you said he made All State Choir and then can sing in the National Choir. OMG! It gets better and better.
    Thanks for sharing this feel good story. We need to hear such good stories of his generation.

  5. Oh Carol!! The video gave me goosebumps! Their voices are so outstanding..
    what a treat to listen to them...thank you for sharing... and what an experience for them ...they will never forget their trip!!!

  6. Thank you Hilda. He is home now and still so excited.


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