Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Groundhog and the Dandelion Greens

(please be patient, sometimes videos are slow to load)

This fellow waddled through our yard a short while ago and stopped to have a salad of dandelion greens.  I do hope he comes by to visit again sometime.

Thank you too, for stopping by.

The Rare Hare and Small Blessings

I was blessed to spot this Snowshoe Hare as I opened the  curtains this morning.  Unfortunately a car drove by and startled it back into the woods.  What a wonderful surprise it was since I this is only the second rabbit I've seen in 11 years.  I thought I would see a lot more of them here in the country.

(losing it's winter white fur)

Here's a bit of information on this little one -

Maine is home to two rabbit-like species, but only one of them -- the New England cottontail  is a true rabbit. The other is the snowshoe hare. Snowshoe hares are larger than New England cottontails, having a larger body, longer ears, and much longer feet. Probably the most recognizable difference between the two species is that snowshoe hares turn white during the winter while New England cottontails remain brown. Hares are born fully furred with their eyes open, and can hop about within hours of their birth. Rabbits, on the other hand, give birth to blind, hairless young that require considerable attention during their first two weeks of life.

The snowshoe hare is found throughout Maine; the New England cottontail does not live north of the Portland area, and was recently listed as a state endangered species. (The species is a candidate for listing under the federal Endangered Species Act) Loss of habitat has caused a steep decline in New England cottontail populations throughout their range in New England and New York.


And, while I was watching the hare.....................another hummingbird almost got by me.

(This one has a white throat and is pretty emerald green, I believe it is the female Ruby Throated Hummingbird, from what I've read.)

Thank you for visiting with me today.  Enjoy the small blessings that come your way today and every day; like hummingbirds and hares.  


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Weekly Ketchup May 15 - 21st

Hummingbird at the feeder -
New painting in progress -
Me..........chopping away at the piano - (please be patient, video sometimes slow to load)

Can you guess the song?  (answer below)
I know it's choppy, my fingers and brain are having a difficult time working together.  I am learning the song bar by bar and tying the bars together.  The old piano is doing it's job, allowing me to learn where the notes are and how to play them and even though it doesn't sound great, just imagine how great I'll sound when I get my hands on a really good piano.  
Answer - "Morning Has Broken" by Cat Stevens

And finally ..............
Here's where we are off to today -
2016 All-State Music Festival

May 19th-21st

University of Maine, Orono

Why I Sing

2015 Maine All State Treble Choir

It is a part of who I am.
When I sing, I’m in a state of complete control of myself, physically mentally and emotionally.
Singing helps me to express my innermost feelings and thoughts.
I sing to feel the swelling, overflowing happiness and love and sadness all at once.
Singing brings me peace and restores my spirit.
I sing because it reminds me of the importance of recognizing humanness.
I sing because it is a gift to be shared.
It is a release, an outlet, and a form of creative expression.
It connects me to something bigger than everyday life, something bigger than myself.
When singing with other people, I feel complete and not alone.
I can connect with people I’ve never met or don’t know simply through the common love of music.
When you’re involved in music, the people who surround you are your family.
It brings people together; singing together is a power that can change the world.
It makes me feel like I am making a difference.
When I sing I am empowered, a part of the world, in a family.
In times when words cannot be spoken, music speaks.
Music is infinite. You can always make more; there is always more to learn.
There are endless numbers of songs to sing and an endless number of ways to sing them.
Without singing, I wouldn’t be me.
It’s something I look forward to doing for the rest of my life.
How could I live without it?
I sing to learn, to grow, to change the world.
Grandson Jacob (lower right) is singing today.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Thank you for visiting with me today.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hummingbird Don't Fly Away..............

Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Enjoy this
 video......(it has loads of great hummingbird photos)

Seals & Crofts "Hummingbird"

Enjoy your evening.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Pip Squeak
(please wait a moment - video is slow to load sometimes)

I don't know what I'm going to do about this little fellow.  Other than investing a bit of money in some squirrel and chipmunk-proof feeders I doubt there is much I can do.  I'm sure getting my exercise by dashing out the door to chase him off the bird food.

Then again...............I might have "bigger" problems.

May all your problems be little ones (and easy to solve).
Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Shaker Road Roost (Alkyd oils 8 x 10) Updated Version (I think I'll quit now)

I find chickens pretty funny to watch and when I saw this brood, group, flock or whatever it is called by the side of Shaker Road I just had to stop and snap a quick pic. I knew I wanted to paint them but it has taken me over a year to do so.  Do I procrastinate???? No, me???

Got some finishing up to do on these funky birds but I think I'll enter it in the County Fair this September and see what happens.

Thanks for visiting with me today.  I hope you've had a great day so far and continue to do just that.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Piano Man and Black Hole Potentials

The piano tuner came yesterday and said this is a really nice piano.  He tuned it as good as he could because it does need a bit more work to bring it up to snuff.  All the pins that hold the hammers are slipping and a few hammers are warped so that means I still have some sour notes.  Do I want to invest another $400. or more of our money.............maybe.  I'll just see how my playing progresses and decide then.

My husband reminded me of the time when he told me he wanted to stock car race again and I had him buy a helmet to get started.  I told him if he had the helmet he'd be serious about finding a car.

Limerock, Ct

It worked.........he found a car we could afford (Firebird) and he raced for a season or two but then the car became a black hole.  We poured more money into that car than we should have and in the end "Elvis" (the name of the car because someone had etched Elvis faces on the side windows) had left the building (er, garage) for good.

(some happy guys getting a car real cheap)

He was thankful he did get to race once again but we have been cautious since then with our large purchases that have potential to become black holes.

So, do I continue fixing my piano or not?  That's the burning question.  He said to think about it, give it some time, and if I really want it then do it when the time is right.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  I hope you have a wonderful day.

Thursday, May 5, 2016


As I looked out between the blinds this morning I noticed this little fellow, steadfast, guarding the entrance to his birdhouse where his mate is sitting on their nest.  And, as dawn's early light crept over the landscape he kept his post, unwavering in his duties.

The song "Faithfully" by Journey came to mind.

(click the link to hear the song)

Thank you for visiting my blog today.  I wish you much joy this new day.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Backyard Buddies (Update 4-3-16)

New visitors 4-3-16 - (white breasted Nuthatch, Tufted Titmouse, American Gold Finch)

And of course my first Honey Bee -

Thanks for visiting today too.

Previously posted -

Just a few of the visitors to my backyard recently - (Eastern Phoebe, Cardinal, Downy Woodpecker and Chickadee...........

I hung some Goldfinch seed today and I'm hoping to see them come back.  We were in the kitchen last night and there was one in the tree outside the kitchen window.  Something startled it and it came and landed on the windowsill, saw us and flew away.  What a treat that was.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  I wish you a wonderful week ahead.