Thursday, May 5, 2016


As I looked out between the blinds this morning I noticed this little fellow, steadfast, guarding the entrance to his birdhouse where his mate is sitting on their nest.  And, as dawn's early light crept over the landscape he kept his post, unwavering in his duties.

The song "Faithfully" by Journey came to mind.

(click the link to hear the song)

Thank you for visiting my blog today.  I wish you much joy this new day.


  1. Hi Carol! Thanks for that sweet moment, I love that song ! It's a wonderful time to watch all the birds as they seem to be awaking just like us from a long sleep. Happy day!

    1. Hi Helen, thanks for stopping by. Faithfully is one of my favorite songs too. I hope you've had a wonderful day.

  2. Beautiful song, Carol and well sung by Journey. I love your photos and do envy you having such a nice variety of bird visitors! They amaze me with their devotion/loyalty to their mates and the expertise they show in nest building and fledgling-raising. We are so blessed to observe these things.

  3. Yes Carol, we are blessed to observe these things. I wish you a wonderful evening. Thanks for visiting.

  4. beautiful! Do you know what kind of bird that is? --so much affection and protectiveness towards mate and family :)

  5. Hi Meera, This is a Black-capped Chickadee, it is our State of Maine state bird. Thanks for visiting.

  6. I enjoyed your last post of the birds and this one very much. I have the Inca Dove visiting with his mate and they are exquisite. I got all excited...and protective when the Thrasher came too close.
    Thanks for linking to Journey. My heart is moved every time I hear that song, and doesnt it fit with your faithful Chickadee? I relaxed and watched my birds at the feeders listening and felt joy.

  7. You always take such beautiful photos Carol!!!! And I enjoyed the video very much...loved the scenery in the beginning!


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