Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Piano Man and Black Hole Potentials

The piano tuner came yesterday and said this is a really nice piano.  He tuned it as good as he could because it does need a bit more work to bring it up to snuff.  All the pins that hold the hammers are slipping and a few hammers are warped so that means I still have some sour notes.  Do I want to invest another $400. or more of our money.............maybe.  I'll just see how my playing progresses and decide then.

My husband reminded me of the time when he told me he wanted to stock car race again and I had him buy a helmet to get started.  I told him if he had the helmet he'd be serious about finding a car.

Limerock, Ct

It worked.........he found a car we could afford (Firebird) and he raced for a season or two but then the car became a black hole.  We poured more money into that car than we should have and in the end "Elvis" (the name of the car because someone had etched Elvis faces on the side windows) had left the building (er, garage) for good.

(some happy guys getting a car real cheap)

He was thankful he did get to race once again but we have been cautious since then with our large purchases that have potential to become black holes.

So, do I continue fixing my piano or not?  That's the burning question.  He said to think about it, give it some time, and if I really want it then do it when the time is right.

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