Saturday, May 21, 2016

Weekly Ketchup May 15 - 21st

Hummingbird at the feeder -
New painting in progress -
Me..........chopping away at the piano - (please be patient, video sometimes slow to load)

Can you guess the song?  (answer below)
I know it's choppy, my fingers and brain are having a difficult time working together.  I am learning the song bar by bar and tying the bars together.  The old piano is doing it's job, allowing me to learn where the notes are and how to play them and even though it doesn't sound great, just imagine how great I'll sound when I get my hands on a really good piano.  
Answer - "Morning Has Broken" by Cat Stevens

And finally ..............
Here's where we are off to today -
2016 All-State Music Festival

May 19th-21st

University of Maine, Orono

Why I Sing

2015 Maine All State Treble Choir

It is a part of who I am.
When I sing, I’m in a state of complete control of myself, physically mentally and emotionally.
Singing helps me to express my innermost feelings and thoughts.
I sing to feel the swelling, overflowing happiness and love and sadness all at once.
Singing brings me peace and restores my spirit.
I sing because it reminds me of the importance of recognizing humanness.
I sing because it is a gift to be shared.
It is a release, an outlet, and a form of creative expression.
It connects me to something bigger than everyday life, something bigger than myself.
When singing with other people, I feel complete and not alone.
I can connect with people I’ve never met or don’t know simply through the common love of music.
When you’re involved in music, the people who surround you are your family.
It brings people together; singing together is a power that can change the world.
It makes me feel like I am making a difference.
When I sing I am empowered, a part of the world, in a family.
In times when words cannot be spoken, music speaks.
Music is infinite. You can always make more; there is always more to learn.
There are endless numbers of songs to sing and an endless number of ways to sing them.
Without singing, I wouldn’t be me.
It’s something I look forward to doing for the rest of my life.
How could I live without it?
I sing to learn, to grow, to change the world.
Grandson Jacob (lower right) is singing today.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Thank you for visiting with me today.

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