Monday, June 27, 2016

Flea Market Art Gallery

I don't know how many times I've strolled through the flea markets here and never really stopped to enjoy the art that is for sale.  So today I made my flea market excursion into a stroll through an art gallery and stopped to enjoy all the paintings, sketches and folk art that caught my eye.

There were oils, water colors, pastels, color pencil, graphite sketches, advertising posters and folk art creations all around.  Here I will share with you some of my favorites..........

This lovely albeit somber-looking lady caught my attention and I wished I had the wall space available so I could give her a new home.

A charming colored pencil sketch seems just perfect for a country kitchen or bath.

 Apples on a checkerboard, sort of surreal and seems like it's straight out of Alice and Wonderland.................

Looks like a street in Italy, Portugal, Spain or even Greece at noon on a very hot day.

This graphite portrait is just too good to be in a flea market................... don't you agree!

Poppies are always a good choice in my opinion.

 Who doesn't enjoy gazing upon a refreshing winter scene on a hot summer's day?

Ah, coffee..........even the burlap coffee sack makes a fine piece of folk art if framed properly.

Now here's some really "hot" folk art.................

Two childhood favorites from years ago are still as cute as ever.

This little lady was kept high on a shelf and given a white blanket to cover her delicate parts. 

Thanks for taking a walk through the flea market art gallery with me today.  I hope you enjoyed my picks and you are enjoying your day.



  1. Thank you so much. Enjoy your day!

  2. Carol - love your art sharing...isn't it hard to believe how someone's hard work and creative endeavors ends up in a flea market!! Great pics and post friend. Have a super day. Hugs!

  3. Thanks Debbie, have a wonderful day.


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