Thursday, July 21, 2016


Today was the day that the 5 Phoebe chicks said goodbye to their nest and sought greener places.  Here are 4 of them that made it into the bushes for the night.  I cannot see the 5th but he is there, not far from his siblings, I am sure.

the last to go
sitting not too far from 3 others

Now I have empty nest syndrome, for sure.
Be safe and sleep well little Phoebes.

Thanks for sharing this adventure with me over the passed few weeks.


  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    C'est toujours très émouvant de voir les petits prendre leur envol... En ce qui me concerne c'est ce que je ressens et qui me ramène à ma "propre couvée" avec mes enfants, tous partis de la maison !
    Merci pour ce délicieux partage photographique...
    En ce moment de la galerie où j'expose et d'où je t'écris, je peux entendre le chant des cigales mêlé à celui d'une fauvette commune !...
    Merci pour ton gentil commentaire.

    Gros bisous ♡

  2. I watched as our robins went from eggs to fledglings....big sweet babies. So glad you saw this.

  3. There are always mixed feelings when young ones leave the nest, and although it's the natural order of things there always seems to be a part of you to hang on a bit. What a privilege it was for you to partake of the process, an honor, really! C'est la vie!!

  4. Thank you Martine, Anita, and Carol. It was so much fun to have them with us for a few weeks, now it's like a welcomed guest has left and we really do miss them.

  5. Oh My Carol - I have a tear in my eye. How wonderful to experience them growing and leaving the nest but yes I think I would feel a bit sad too. Have a lovely week-end. Hugs! P.S. Wonder if they will return next year to build a nest in the same spot? That might be nice.

  6. Thanks Debbie, hope you are having fun on your time off.


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