Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Creative Ketoite - Favorite Things To Eat (weight 122.2)

I like to store pictures of what I eat in a file called "The Creative Ketoite."  I thought if I ever wanted to do a totally food blog it would be a great title, unless someone else grabs it first.  No plans for that just yet but I thought I'd share some pics of some of my favorite things to eat that keep the pounds coming off "tenths" at a time.


Classic breakfast - bacon, eggs, spinach and mushrooms all cooked in butter or sometimes coconut oil.

Bacon, plain omelet style eggs, with spinach and Feta cheese.

Steakumm and onions with fried egg, done in olive oil or butter. With hot buttered coffee. 

Canadian bacon, scrambled eggs over spinach and topped with Feta cheese and Salsa.

Lunch or Dinner

Taco Bowl - romaine lettuce, ground beef (no Taco seasoning), Mexican 4 cheese, salsa, sour cream and bacon.

Beef tips in brown gravy with lettuce, Italian dressing and lemon water.

Chicken thigh with pork rind crust, mixed salad. 

Egg salad stuffed filling. 

Shrimp cooked in butter with wilted spinach and yes, that is a diet Coke.  Don't often have diet Coke but used to drink Coke quite frequently and wanted the taste again.  I don't tolerate Aspartame very well so it's not one of my usual drinks while on Keto. 


Pepperoni, Monterey Jack and Guacamole......

Low carb Pizza made with Joseph's low carb Pita, with sliced meatballs and mozzarella cheese.  When that pizza fix is needed these are also great with some sauce, cheese and pepperoni.  One small pita pizza is very filling and only averages 4 carbs, if I remember correctly. Haven't had one of these in a while. 

Celery with bacon and peanut butter for dipping them "both." 

Of course, then there is the 
almonds, peacans, walnuts, turkey bites, beef sticks and crunchy cheese whisps.  Snacks are certainly not lacking in my house.  

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  I do hope you are having a great weekend.  Now I think I need to get something to eat.  Today's weight is 122.2 -

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Learning to Play - "Grow Old With Me" by John Lennon

Just a sample of how slow going this is for me but, I will "carry on."  So much more to add and perfect (this isn't the half of it).........

Thanks for visiting.

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Breaking Free From The Weight Loss Carousel

Finally, have a break through and have dropped those few pounds I was fluctuating between.  I'm off that carousel......

and down to 123.2 lb. this morning.

I can't stress enough how important it is to write down what you eat because when your weight stalls you can look back and review what you were eating when you were losing and revisit some of those foods.  For me it always seems to stall when I don't get enough avocado in my diet.  I ate one avocado a day for the passed two days and "bingo" my weight loss is back in motion (in the right direction this time).  

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  I wish you a wonderful day.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Keto Weight Loss Update and Great Brunch

After a busy weekend ,and tweaking my intake for a couple of days, I am back down to 124.4 after 3 days of being over 125.
Learning how to maintain my weight has been the theme of the month of October; starting on the 1st at 125.8 and ending today at 124.4 which is not my typical pattern because during the month I went up to 126.6, too. Seemed to be pretty stagnant for October and that's ok.....I feel great at this weight, it's just not my goal weight of 122. When the body is ready it will shed those last two pounds. Until then I keep on keepin' on.....

Today I made some Cheesy Scrambled Eggs with bacon for brunch with my hubby at noon. (1st meal of the day) And, they were soooooo delicious. At only 505 calories, 41 grams fat, 27 grams protein, and 1 gram carbs - it will surely hold my appetite for most of the day.

For the cheesy eggs I scrambled two eggs with some Mexican 4 Cheese and butter. Topped them off with a bit more of the shredded Mexican cheese, salt and pepper followed by one Tablespoon of Pace Mild chunky Salsa. Together with 4 strips of maple Bacon...........awesome brunch! Got to enjoy it with my hubby today as he started work in the afternoon and will be getting out too late to have a big evening meal. We adapt!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Time for me to go on my Dollar Tree run and other shopping for some exercise. Sometimes the only thing that gets skinnier is my wallet.........:)

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Pictorial Review of Our Weekend Activities........ Meeting New Friends

I decided, today, that I wasn't going to cloud this post with lots of narrative but instead share some photos from the passed two days and let the captions and short commentary speak for themselves.  

Friday, Mike and I headed for Owl's Head, ME for a saturday  auction at the Owl's Head Transportation Museum.  On the way we made a stop to do some antiquing.

Feng Shui turtle dragon........these are the things that catch my eye.

Old hats, try one on and be transported back in time.  Always thinking of story ideas when I walk through these places. 

Images from Rockland harbor while waiting for our friends to arrive.

I can never have enough pictures of this handsome fellow.

Meeting Cheryl (became blogger friends many years ago)

We knew our guys would like each other.  It's like looking at brothers.  There was lots of great conversation and laughter.  Thanks Cheryl and Mark, our meeting was awesome.

In an attempt to keep with Keto I had this large house salad with grilled chicken and honey mustard dressing.  Boy was I full.

Hampton by Hilton in Thomaston, ME has such great mirrors I just had to take a selfie.

Hotel breakfast items (omelet was not edible so I ate most of that maple pecan scone (shame on me) and then I got an extra peanut butter).  Yes that is butter in my coffee too.

Had great seats.

Headed home around 2 p.m. 

Stopped at Moody's Diner on Route 1 on our way home.  I had a steak and cheese sub (only ate the bottom of the roll with the good beef juices in it) with cole slaw for supper at 3 p.m. 

The days total calories came to  - 2,439 with 158 grams fat, 83 grams protein, and (drum roll please.....172 grams carbs.

My weight is still -

and I am still in Ketosis.  Wow!  That was scary.....

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Back On Track and Heading For A 10 Grams Carb Day

Sometimes our lives become train wrecks and it takes a few days to get back on track.  The world around us encroaches on our daily lives as we go about our business and often leads us down an alternate route.  

This passed Sunday while bending to open a bottom file cabinet drawer I "popped" my hip out of alignment and had to deal with it's swelling and aching until I could get an appointment to see the doctor.  Fortunately, I only had to wait until Tuesday morning to get some OMT (osteopathic manipulative treatment) that fixed me up good as new.

During those two days, the swelling was quite extensive from the top of my hip down to my ankle.  The scale was not my friend as it was telling me I now weighed 126 lb. after being 124.2 two days ago.  Yes, thank goodness it was only fluid build-up but none-the-less it was a bit discouraging to see that number jump.

I am happy to report that today I am back down to 124.6 and all of the swelling is gone along with the pain and now I am "back on track."

Started the first meal of today at 11:30 with two scrambled eggs cooked in 1/2 T. coconut oil, 4 slices of bacon, 1/4 cup shredded Mexican cheese blend, two tablespoons sour cream and a large cup of hot buttered coffee.

Macros on this meal are -
calories 636
grams fat 39
grams protein 31
grams carbs 3

I'm going to attempt to make this a 10 carb day and it looks like I'm off to a very good start.  I made a list of the foods I intend to eat for the rest of the day and the list includes -

3 oz. Salmon cooked in 1/2 T coconut oil
2 oz. chicken breast
1 T Hellman's mayo
1 dill pickle
1 oz. pecans 

snacks include -
a few Parmesan Cheese Whisps
4 Old Wisconsin Turkey Bites
(I'm cleaning out the little bits left over in the snack basket today and not opening any new ones)

All this includes only another 4 grams of!  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you are looking forward to a great weekend which is just around the corner.


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

It's That Time Of Year

Yes, it's that time of Halloween approaches and thoughts of ghouls and goblins and things that go bump in the night creep into the minds of children everywhere.

Many years ago, when recalling nights home alone with my infant son while my then husband worked an overnight shift at the factory, I wrote this poem around this same time of year.

In The Wee Wee Hours Of The Night
By Carol (a.k.a. Reis) Blackburn

Stumbling from my bed
Eyelids cracked
I inch my way
The long hall before me

Seems like forever
These ghoulish shrieks
Send shivers
Down my spine

Where he waits
A foul stench
On the cold night air

I lift the peacemaker
From the shelf
Do what I must

Change his diaper
And return to bed............

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  And, as we lose our daylight hours remember to "watch for children."  

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Reading, Writing and Blackout Poetry

Good day friends!  I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. I stumbled across a book of mine, while doing some cleaning yesterday, that I had put away in a safe place to pick up and continue reading at a later day.   

Actually it's a book I purchased at The Dollar Tree to try my hand at this thing called Blackout Poetry.  First developed by Austin Kleon, a writer, who needed to lift his writer's block.  Here is a link to Austin's blog which has a short video on how to create your own Blackout Poetry.

Austin Kleon Blackout Poetry

And, here's what I've done........

Get those Sharpies, an old book or use yesterday's newspaper and hunt for some poems.  Half the fun is getting to create a title for your creation.

Thanks for visiting.  Have a great day!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Breakfast With My Baby..... and Weekly Ketchup

Beautiful day here in this morning to pick up Mike's truck which was being undercoated to protect it from rusting.  The body shop found a few bad spots in the frame which needed repairing so the bill is about $500. higher than projected but still well within our plans for what we intended to spend on this job.  Always a blessing when that happens.  

We've now been DEBT FREE for a year........and lovin' it! 
Mike has 198 days left until he retires.

Started Keto in May 2017 at 154 lbs., current weight 125. Been fluctuating between 124.2 and 125.8 for the passed few days.  Figured out it's the aspartame in the Diet Coke I started drinking that's causing the weight gain and fluctuating.  I watched a video about artificial sweeteners and how they are not the be all to end all most people think they are.  It seems they are converted by the body somehow and end up causing just as much trouble as real sugar if you happen to be one of the people who is "sensitive" to the artificial sweetener.  

Evidently, I am one of those people.  So, it's back to black coffee, hot buttered coffee, tea, and lemon water for me.  I will not buy another diet drink again. 

Stopped for breakfast at Market Square in S. Paris, ME this morning after picking up Mike's truck.   Our lovely and fun waitress, Tammy, was chatting me up about low carb dieting.  It's such fun when I get to share such good stuff. 

I ordered the Veggie Scramble with a side of bacon for 441 calories; 30 grams fat, 26 grams protein, and 8 grams of carbohydrates.  So filling that I was only able to eat 2/3 of it, except for the bacon....yes, all 4 slices were gone before you could blink.  I never leave bacon behind.

Looks like a quiet weekend coming up for us.  I was hoping to get away but Mike got asked to work on Saturday so unless there is something interesting coming up over Sunday/Monday it will be puttering around the house, maybe a nice walk in the woods, and some movie time with my honey.   

I wish you all a beautiful weekend.  Stay safe wherever you go and whatever you do.  

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Off Road Adventure Part 2 of My Birthday Weekend Fun

On Sunday, the 8th, Mike and I took "Olive" our 97XJ and headed out for our first off road adventure with a group I had recently joined online called the Lake Region Jeepers.

Having talked about doing this for a long time, I thought it was time we DID IT!  Knocking those things off my bucket list seems to be happening more frequently as my health improves which I attribute to my Ketogenic way of eating.  Not only do I no longer have the ringing in my ears, brain fog, irritable bowel,  or much pain from Fibromyalgia, but even the lipomas from Dercum's that are throughout my body have shrunk considerably to where they no longer press on nerve endings and cause pain.  Such blessings I have been experiencing since discovering Keto.  And of course the 29 lbs. weight loss in 5 months doesn't hurt a bit. Not only am I lighter but,  I am more flexible and have increased stamina. 

All this improvement in my health has caused a resurgence in activity and desire to be active.  So I found a local Jeep club online and joined, knowing they would have many trail rides and activities we could participate in and make some new friends.  We met some of them for the first time at their meeting place in Bridgton, ME.

It's a family friendly group and there were several children along for the morning rides. Everyone was so welcoming and genuinely out for a good time with friends.

Here's our "Olive" girl in the middle of the line up getting ready to hit the first trail of the day.  She was the oldest and only stock vehicle in the group.  And she did us proud, with Mike's skillful driving, and got us through some pretty scary places. 

Unfortunately, cell phone photos don't do the road conditions any justice.  Next time I need to get out and get photos but I was having too much fun learning how Mike was maneuvering those boulders and tree branches.  I had always had confidence in the Jeep before because it got me through some pretty scary places when I was a Visiting Nurse but now I had even more respect for this old gal, who with 277,000 miles on her keeps on ticking.

We ended the day back at one of the rest stops between trails and got us our first meal of the day while most of the group headed off to the really difficult trails for the afternoon ride.  

This is Melby's Market & Eatery in Waterford, ME.  Very accommodating establishment to the off road crowd as well as locals with awesome food, the best coffee,  and a clean bathroom.

I ordered the "Pastrami Gold" (pastrami, light seeded rye bread, carmelized onions, and swiss cheese with Dijon mustard).  I made it an open face sandwich and had a couple of chips for some crunch.  Mike had the same except he had french fries instead of chips.
It was so filling it held us nicely for the rest of the day.  Later that evening I had a serving of almonds for a snack.

New low weight this morning -

Only 2.8 lbs. short of my goal weight of 122.

I am so thankful that the day went so well.  I'm going to try taking the Canon camera next time and mounting it to the dash for some better pictures.  Can't wait for our next off road adventure.  Maybe I'll do some of the driving next time, too.  We'll be continued.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I do hope the sun is shining where you are and you enjoy this beautiful day.