Thursday, March 23, 2017

DIY Piano Repairs - Replacing Keys

Got back to working on the piano today.  Last step with the keys is to put the PTFE powder (teflon) into the felt bushings.

Next is to burnish the powder with a metal screwdriver tip.

Then when both sections are done, replace the keys.

Almost half way done.  It's slow going and I don't know how much, if any, it will help.

Thanks for checking in.  I hope by next week I can have all the keys completed and the action put back in to test it out.

Enjoy your day.


  1. Thank you for sharing the interesting photos. I admire your patience and hard work. I hope the piano will make beautiful sounds. Best wishes, Sadami

  2. I find this fascinating, Carol. I had no idea.
    We had a man come to the house to tune our piano when I was growing up. I remember how he did that but never saw anything like what you are showing us here. Yes, fascinating.


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