Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Table For One, No Waiting

In the midst of a blizzard, this little one sat clinging to the feeder, and picked a few seeds to sustain him through the night.

Shortly after this photo was taken he was blown off the feeder by a gust of wind.  I finally found him clinging to a nearby tree.

He eventually fell to the ground as the wind grew stronger, then made his way to a small pine tree with close-cropped branches.  I hope he's safe for the night.

Still snowing really hard here.  We have 3-4 ft. drifts all around my house.  Can't even open the back door.  Fortunately I had the forethought to place a board across the front door at an angle to keep the snow from pressing up against it.   Winter storm Stella sure is giving us a pounding.

Hopefully there will be some beautiful pictures tomorrow.
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  1. Awwwww....poor little bird, bless his heart! Glad you captured him, he is a sweet little bird.

    1. I watched him for a while and notices there was another one nearby. At least he wasn't alone. I think they are part of the Phoebe family that was in the nest on my back porch last Spring. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Another, Awwwww...I love the photo and the story moves my heart.
    Clever about the board. It makes so much sense and I can visualize why it works.
    Hope the storm passed and all was well and the birds are back.

  3. Dear Carol your little bird is so sweet. He looks like he is a Junco or "Snow Bird". How appropriate that he would visit during Stella. Hope you are safe and warm. Hugs!

  4. I can't imagine drifts like that. And those sweet little birds. And then I see you in the mask in your previous post. 😉


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