Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Launch Sequence

Ready, set, go......

I didn't know I caught this moment until I reviewed the pictures.  Oh what fun!
Enjoy your day.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Style 5 No. 985

I found this printed inside the piano when I was removing more dust from inside the back.  My piano guy says this is the serial number and "Wow, is that an old piano!" I have been corresponding with a piano technician and store owner in Michigan who tells me this piano was definitely made before they started officially cataloging serial numbers of pianos when they were made.

How cool is that?  My grandson tested it out and said it sounds better.  I'm still not satisfied or finished with it yet though.  I need to soften the felt dampers because the notes have an after-ring.  It appears that the felts are so hardened they do not bump up against the strings adequately to mute the note.

I might have to take the action back out of the piano if I can't get at the felts with a thin metal file.
Thanks for stopping by.  I do hope your week is going well.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


I stopped into a convenience store the other day to pick up some much needed vinyl gloves on my way to a thrift store for some bargain hunting and noticed this lovely pattern made by some dampness that had frozen on the sidewalk.  One of Mother Nature's precious creations.

Then in one of the shops I visited, I found this lovely Japanese privacy screen with a Lotus blossom pattern.

Now this I would have liked to take home.  It would go real nice in the room with my piano.

What patterns have you seen lately?  
Wishing you a beautiful day.

Why I Speak Softly and Carry A Big Stick.....when I walk.

Out on my walk yesterday I found......Coyote tracks.

(L) Dog print vs (R) Coyote print

The points that tell it is a Coyote print are -

1- the print is slimmer

2 - you can make an X across the paw in the negative space

3 - the trail pattern of a Dog is zig zag as they are playful whereas 
a Coyote trail pattern is straighter as they are always on a mission

I always check the tracks I find when taking my walks.  One winter we found the tracks of a Bobcat that were really fun as they showed us that he was walking along and then began to run (the spacing between paw prints got wider and wider).

Enjoy your day!