Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Launch Sequence

Ready, set, go......

I didn't know I caught this moment until I reviewed the pictures.  Oh what fun!
Enjoy your day.


  1. So beautiful, Carol! Thank you so much for sharing, and Happy Easter.

  2. Oh Carol - what great photos. These had me smiling. Hope you had a blessed Easter. Hugs!

  3. So cute! Just like off the diving board! Good timing!

  4. Very fun! Love when the camera records this kind of action!

  5. As always your photography is amazing Carol!!! This one really made me smile! I'm going to therapy tomorrow... Now that I'm allowed to drive I go 3 times a week. It is painful because my arm doesn't move like I want it to...however, the therapist tells me it takes time. You know what I'm going through since your hubby had the surgery!!! It feels good to be typing with two hands...but I get tired And this too will pass!

  6. Thanks everyone! Enjoy your day.......


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