Friday, June 9, 2017

One If By Land......

I was at a loss as to what to title this post, so since it's about a lantern I figured I'd use part of a quote from the tale of Paul Revere, "one if by land......"  

I acquired this little old lantern that is missing it's glass door in a box lot from an auction I attended last year.  I had been trying to decide what to do with it; maybe put a tiny fake ivy in it and hang it, or something like that.

Then I got the idea to put 1/2 of an orange in it to see if we could attract some Orioles.  So many people say they get Orioles in their yards with using orange, even though I've never seen one around these parts.

So yesterday I asked my husband to please put the pole in so I could hang the lantern.  Here's how the conversation went.....

Me:   Oh, you put the pole in already.
Mike:  Yup!
Me:  Good, I'll get the lantern and put the orange in it.
Mike:  What orange???
Me:  What do you mean what orange?
Mike:  You mean the one I ate?
Me:  Oh, you ate the orange?
Mike:  Yeh, you bought it three weeks ago.  Figured I'd eat it before it went bad.
Me:  Oh!
Mike:  You can buy another one someday.
Me:  Hmmmm....

The Lantern (Oriole feeder)

Update to follow.........someday!

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  1. I smiled at the conversation, Carol. I really like the lantern, hopefully some birds will, too! :)

    1. Thanks Linda. P.S. I haven't bought the orange yet........ LOL.

  2. I too smiled at the conversation, but that is a very nice looking feeder.

    All the best Jan


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