Monday, July 10, 2017

When the Teacher is Respected

I just realized I haven't posted in 5 days, not that there hasn't been anything happening, I've just been busy with everyday life.  But everyday, when I take out the hair dryer, I am reminded of my dear 84 y.o. Aunt whom I recently visited in California this passed May.  She was a wonderful role model for me as I was growing up.  I would spend 2 weeks at her house in the country every summer.  I would cry when it was time to return to my home in the city.  It's where I developed my love of rural living.  Most likely why I have retired in the hills of Maine.  It's my peaceful place on earth.

What I learned from my Aunt, when I visited her in May, was not spectacular in any way other than the fact that she taught it to me.  You see, the teacher must be respected in order for the student to really listen to what they are saying and learn from them.

This is what I learned -

Yes, I learned to secure a cord with an empty toilet paper tube so it does not get tangled.  Simple as that.
I'd probably seen or heard of doing this before but then why was I still wrapping cords, twisting them, and getting frustrated when I had to undo one to use the item.  Now I do it this way.  So much simpler and another thing that makes me think of my Aunt.

(my Hubby, cousin Al, Auntie Vivian, and cousin Mike)

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Have you learned anything from an Elder or Respected Teacher lately? I'd be interested in knowing about it.


  1. I'm receiving daily lessons in patience and understanding from all those around me. I'm a slow learner.

  2. I echo the comment above, Carol. I am also a slow learner, but once I "get it", I have it. And with all the speed around today, (fast cars, speeding, fast food, etc.), I think slow is just fine. What is important to me is not the speed but the lessons we learn. Wonderful post, thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Dear Carol I just learned something amazing from you and your aunt...hooray now at last I will not be dealing with that silly hairdryer cord in the linen closet. Thank you. Your aunt certainly looks like a delightful lady. Have a super week. Hugs!

  4. Thank you ladies! Always great to hear from you all. If even one person has an easier time with a cord from this post it is well worth it. There is enough frustration in daily life from the world around us,and home should be as peaceful as possible. God bless.

  5. My dear Mum always used to say ... 'we are never too old to learn something new' and it's true. Many good tips and suggestions we can learn ... providing we listen!

    Lovely post Carol, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  6. A wonderful post, Carol! My aunt was such a wise person and one like you're referring to. She knew how to sew anything, she read voraciously, could cook up a storm and knew the names and needs of every plant in the state of Washington, I swear! I always went to her for advice on something. I feel blessed to have had her in my life! Thanks for helping me relive some special memories.

  7. Thanks Jan and Carol. I hope you ladies have had a great day.

  8. I have an English teacher that I adored. I didn't keep in touch with her, but I've often thought of her. I think having many teachers that I respected and loved caused me to become a teacher too.

  9. Thanks everyone! So glad you all visited.


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