Friday, August 11, 2017

Why Animals Don't Smoke

I was cleaning out some files a while ago, of things I had saved during my career as a Registered Nurse.  One favorite brochure was from the American Lung Association called "Why Animals Don't Smoke" and was meant to share with children to teach them the dangers and pitfalls of smoking.

I just had to share these cute animal comments with you today.  Something a bit different.
I hope you enjoy the post.

My favorites are -
The frog says, "No one would want t kiss me if I smoked."
The giraffe says, "Smoking would give me a sore throat."
The goat says, "The smoke might hurt my kids."

I just love how they played on the characteristics of the individual animals.  What a creative team.

I hope you enjoyed today's post. 
It's raining here today, just like the weatherman said it would.  Can you imagine that?
I will be resting up and not doing much of anything.

I popped out my right hip last night while getting up off the couch to go get myself a glass of water.  I had a very bad night, with very little sleep and lots of discomfort.
Also, set off a Fibromyalgia flare-up.  Both weather changes and injuries can do that.
I'm hoping I can get in to see the doc on Monday so he can work his magic on this hip anyway.  Can't do anything but ride out the flare-up.  

I was hoping I could show that a Ketogenic diet would help prevent Fibro flare-ups but I guess not.  At least it works for weight loss.  Tipping the scale at 133 for the last two days. 

My new recliner comes some time today.  At least I will be able to sit comfortable and maybe catch some zzzzzzz's too.

I wish you all a beautiful day, where ever it takes you.


  1. Animals don't smoke because they are smarter than a nut shell. Sorry you are having so much discomfort. Hope the doc can get you back on your feet.

  2. I hope you heal quickly and thoroughly, Carol! This brochure is delightful! Very creative and colourful, and it hits home about the dangers and health issues related to smoking.

  3. Hello, the No smoking brochure is cute. I like the animals. I am sorry you are in pain, I hope you feel better soon. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!


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