Sunday, September 24, 2017

Bad Food Habits Follow You Even When Eating The Right Foods

As the title says, "bad foods follow you even when eating the right foods."  So very true.  I've struggled with this very thing during the last 5 months on Keto.  Having made so many new recipes is wonderful but when you eat the whole thing in 24-48 hrs. it's not so great.  It's better than eating a whole bag of  Honey BBQ Chips sure, but binge eating is binge eating even if it is low carb brown butter cake or ginger beef; the calories add up either way.  Finding the happy balance between calories, fats, proteins and carbohydrates takes time and patience.  Keeping a journal of my daily intake has certainly been a big help.  I am on day 91 of recording in my journal.

When weight loss stalls I review what I've eaten and then look back at what I was eating when I lost the last good amount of weight.  This way I can go back to eating those things and it breaks the stall.

Today's weight on my new digital scale -

Feeling pretty good about the continued weight loss and health benefits I've felt such as increased mental clarity (otherwise know as Fibro fog); yes the fog has lifted and is staying away.
I am able to go more places with hubby Mike and not turn to him and say "I need something to eat now."  I used to get ravenously hungry just like snapping your fingers and have to find something to eat to stave off the fatigue.  That has all changed with Keto. 

An important part of breaking the binging and bad eating habits is purging your home of the bad foods on hand.  The first thing I did was ditch the potato chips and pretzels, Oreos and red licorice.
I stocked up on the good stuff like bacon and eggs, avocado, Monterey Jack cheese, pepperoni, salad fixings (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, red onion, green and red peppers), good nuts like Macadamias and almonds, and herbal teas and lemons. 

Researching new recipes on low-carb eating websites has been such fun as some of you know from my posts.  I often make a smaller batch than the recipe because I know that if it's available I'll eat it all out of my bad habits.  Yes, the bad habits take longer to break than losing the weight and it's a daily struggle to stay on track. 

Do you struggle with a bad habit you need to break?  You are not alone.  Thanks for visiting my blog today.  I wish you a beautiful day where ever you are and what ever you are doing. 


Saturday, September 23, 2017

Chronic Pain Support

I thought I'd share this post today in support of those of us with Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain issues.

Weather changes can bring on flares of symptoms so if your loved one has a chronic pain condition please be patient with her or him; they are still the same person you love even though they cannot be their usual wonderful self.

Gentle hugs,

Friday, September 22, 2017

Justin's Almond Butter - Product Review and Weight Update

Well, I found these little single serving packs of Justin's Almond Butter that are sooooo good, in Maple, Honey and Regular.  As a snack alone, on celery, or as I had the Honey Almond with an avocado and lettuce for my lunch yesterday. 

Made a filling lunch that held me for hours with lemon water.

I love it when I find single serving or sample sizes of new foods.  Almond butter is so expensive this was perfect for my needs.  I don't dare buy a full jar because I'd eat it with a spoon.  Deliciousness even in the aroma.

And,  I almost forgot, I bought a new digital scale and after having got my intake back on track for two days I have some good results to show for it.....

Yes, that's 128.8.....I felt it but didn't dare get my hopes up before stepping on the scale.
So much easier to read than the spring model.  Finally catching up with the times.

LOL, I posted the full picture then I realized it's a glass scale and acts like a mirror.....I was giving you all a full naked shot....OMG I grabbed the "remove"  and got it out of there as quickly as I could.  That would have been embarrassing if one of you had brought it to my attention.  It's just what I do!

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you are having a beautiful day in your neighborhood.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Funin' With Ya

(no need to SHARE unless you really want to, I stole this from Facebook and couldn't edit it)

I have a lifetime supply of  eggs!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Two Steps Back

After several days of activities that lead me away from eating Ketogenic I have regained 2 lbs..........oh no!  Yes, the scale is showing me 131.  Ughhhh!

I knew it would happen; a couple of Italian sausage, peppers & onion subs, and some french fries, it was inevitable.  That's what happens when you spend an evening at the County Fair one night and then at the Speedway Swap Meet.  Good Lord, the food abounds.  

So, trying to get back on track today.  After a 14 hr. fast this was the first meal of the day -

a lovely Keto Taco Bowl.  Calories 477  Fat grams 41  Protein grams 38  Carbs 9 (these are NOT net carbs)  I count the whole carbs.

I was surprised to never go out of Ketosis even having as much as 53 grams of carbs in a day, so I guess I tolerate them fairly well and it's just that eating 1,300 or more calories in a day is way too much when I am used to eating 1,000 or less.   And, I am a bit bloated from the carbs.  I'm carrying it in the belly. 

Thanks for stopping by.  You've got to try these Taco good!
3 oz. browned ground beef over 1 oz. shredded iceberg letuce, topped with 1/4 cup Kraft Mexican four cheese, 2 T. Pace chunky salsa, 2T. Daisy Sour Cream with 1 packet Calavo Guacamole on the side. 

Enjoy your day.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Waxing Poetic

It's funny, how as Autumn approaches, I tend to wax poetic.  Something about the darker days, rainy season, and nature's autumn colors that touch something in me.  My poetic nature was developed during my first marriage (which I call my first mistake).  Not a real marriage, in any sense of the word, but a 23 year prison term under the wardenship of this man who duped me into thinking he was the be all to end all.  Ah, the indiscretions of youth.  Since I wasn't allowed to have any sort of life of my own, isolated from family and friends,  I turned to creating one on paper that only I could control.  Out of this world came many poems, like they were my form of therapy.  Some about him, some about what I thought life should be like, and yet others about everyday things.

This is one such poem about an ordinary pair of reading glasses.  I hope you enjoy it.

By Carol (Reis, at the time) Blackburn

It happens to our eyes
as we age: presbyopia.
We need reading glasses
to correct this problem.

My mother wore them
when I was a child.
Heavy glass lenses
held together by metal frames
perched low
on her slender nose.

I bought my own pair
several years ago, then
refused to wear them (pride I guess).
Until now, humbled
by instructions on labels
blurred in supermarket lighting.

Besides, now I want to check
the fine print on contracts,
read poems in 12 pitch,
volumes of prose, and
letters from old friends.

Thanks for visiting.
Enjoy your day.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Fiorucci Panino Prosciutto with Mozarella Cheese - Product Review

My, oh my, found me a new delightful treat.  Even though a serving size is 4; 2 is just fine with me........

Great quality prosciutto and mozarella cheese.  I had prosciutto at a party many years ago and wasn't impressed (it was so chewy it would stay in your mouth for way too long) so  I didn't know how I'd feel about these cheese sticks with prosciutto but I am pleasantly surprised.  It was easy to chew and actually didn't overpower the mozarella.   I think you'd like this.  I found mine at Hannaford Supermarket in the deli section. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Blessings to you and yours.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Cream Cheese Icing

3 ingredients -
cream cheese
lemon juice
Truvia or other sweetener

Mix to taste and consistency desired.

So delicious on Peanut Butter Bread........

Batter Up - for Peanut Butter Bread

Hi everyone,
I found this recipe for Peanut Butter Bread on Caveman Keto a while ago and thought I'd try it today.

I gathered my supplies.....

How simple is this?
Followed the instructions and mixed them all in the red mixer.

Spread it into the greased loaf pan and baked as directed.  My oven at 350 degrees only required 20 min. baking time until the toothpick came out clean.

Put it on a wire rack to cool and sliced into only 8 pieces approx. 3/4" each as I thought the 16 slices made it a bit too thin and I was going to eat two of them, why not cut it according to my preference to start with.  I do think that if you must have 16 pieces you need to cut the loaf down the middle and have sort of mini loaf pieces instead of thin slices.

The verdict is in...........tastes great!  A bit dry (glad I took them out early) and maybe next time I'd add a little butter or coconut oil by maybe replacing a tablespoon of the peanut butter with the oil or regular butter, just a thought.  What do you think? Maybe what it needs is a little Cream Cheese Icing?

Macros for 1 slice when cut into 8 slices are:  Calories 226, fat grams 16, protein grams 8, carbs 6 minus 2 fiber = 4 grams net carbs per slice.

It's worth giving it a try to see if you'd like it too.  I'll get Mike to try it tonight and maybe my grandson Jonathan because he loves peanut butter.  We'll see what the guys think later.

I do wish you a beautiful day.  Thanks for visiting.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Sign Says It All

Now that's my kind of house.........
I'll have bacon, with a side of bacon, and some bacon for dessert.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Welcome to the Gallery of the Unsigned

Back before I knew what I was doing, there was instinct and passion. These are just a few of my unsigned acrylic paintings (I thought only "real" artists signed their paintings), after all these were just practice.

Geraniums in a Doorway

Herbal Remedies

Seasonal Mountain View

Chinese Cherry Blossoms in Glass Vase


Finished Business

Pink Cone Flowers with Butterfly

Tulips in Square Glass Vase


Birch Stump with Pink Flowers

Jacob's Kiss

Thanks so much for stopping by. The Gallery of the Unsigned is located in my hallway between the living room and bedrooms, not open to the public, but reserved for the invited guest.  It has been a pleasure to have you visit.

Enjoy your day.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Can We Talk???

So many times I'd like to respond personally to a blogger's comment and am unable to because they are sending their comment marked "no reply blogger."  I do sometimes leave a comment from the blog post they commented on but am not sure the person ever even sees the reply.  This is something I would like to correct, just  in case you didn't know you were a "no reply commenter" and just thought I was being rude by not responding to you. 
There is a simple fix - click this link to go to the blogger page that gives the instructions at

no-reply-blogger-how-to-fix-this ....... and we'll be on the road to better communication.

"Conversation By The Ocean"
Sketchbook 2010 Watercolor Pencils

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a special day.

Friday, September 8, 2017

The Making of Brown Butter Sponge Cake, the Red Mixer and Lessons Learned

Well, I finally decided to try out the new red mixer and make this Brown Butter Sponge Cake recipe I found on one of the blogs.  So, I gathered all the ingredients....

including my new red mixer.

I began prepping.....the dry ingredients, the wet ingredients, butter melted and cooling. Then I started combining.....oh, nice an slow. And add the batter to the buttered, spring-form pan (new, of course).  Then I thought I'd better put this on a baking sheet just in case there is some leakage.  Guess what???  Look at all that butter leaking out of the seam!

Chances are good, without the baking sheet there would have been smoke and where there is smoke..there's FIRE.

I was getting a bit worried because not only was the butter oozing out at the bottom of the pan but it was pooling on top of the cake as well. I wasn't prepared for this!  But, I waited the full cooking time and was sure I would be tossing this cake in the trash.

Well, the toothpick came out clean so I removed it to the counter and let it cool.  I removed the spring-form sides and noticed the butter had been absorbed.  Hmmm, now I was intrigued.

I gently lifted it with two spatulas and placed it in my vintage Tupperware Pie Taker (a blessing over the years as it holds everything from pies, muffins, cakes, and now this. Some things can never be replaced with newer things.  

I put it in the refrigerator to keep until Mike got home from work and then we both tried a piece.  I was hesitant; I thought the butter might have gone rancid from the heat (I think of crazy stuff like that) or something else happened to spoil it, but it was delicious.

Thick and moist, with a buttery nutty taste and consistency..........yum, yum!
And, as you can see by the morning it had been proven, without a doubt, that it was in fact a success by the number of pieces that were missing.

Something I learned from making a recipe I found online is to double check the instructions carefully as even though salt and baking soda were listed as ingredients they were not in the instructions and I hadn't noticed they had been missed until I had mixed the entire batter and was putting away things, and I saw them sitting on the counter.  I prayed and put them in at the end and hoped I mixed them in well enough.

The second thing I learned is to be careful with the ingredients as it said 2 cups of sugar substitute and when I looked at 2 cups of Truvia, and I know how sweet it can be, I stopped and looked up the conversion for two cups of sugar to 2 cups of Truvia and I used the conversion amount ,which if I remember correctly was 2/3 cup and 2 Tablespoons, and even that made it a bit sweet.

The baking session was a success and all that was left was the CLEAN-UP.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a beautiful sunny day where you are.
Time for me to get out and enjoy mine.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Lemon Sesame & Ginger Tuna by Bumble Bee - Product Review

While at the supermarket yesterday I passed by this item and did a second take.   As someone who enjoys canned tuna fish, I had to pick it up and see what it's all about.  It sounded good so I dropped a package into my cart along with one of Lemon & Pepper flavored tuna. It even comes with it's own little spoon so it would be a great item for travel.  I decided to try this one first.

 With great macros like this - 70 calories, 0.5 g fat, 11 g protein, and 6 g carbs, 5 g net carbs; how can you go wrong.

Well, I'm not sure how to describe the taste.....   Ummm, the ginger is "definitely" the first thing you taste, an pretty much the only thing, in my opinion.  It really lingers with you long after you have finished eating.  And, this glass bowl shows the serving of 1/4 cup (this is a 1/2 cup pudding dish), which with such a strong taste, is definitely enough.

I think this tuna would go nicely in a salad and you probably wouldn't need to add any additional salad dressing.  I'll definitely try it again, most likely as a salad topping.

Thanks for stopping by.  If you are interested, watch for the review of the Lemon & Pepper Tuna soon.  Have a great day.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Date Night with Mike at Magic Lantern Theater

Us at the Magic Lantern Theater in Bridgton, ME to see "The Glass Castle" starring Woody Harrelson.

A lovely old theater that was renovated several years ago.
Has only 3 theaters and an attached Pub.

We enjoyed the balcony.

And, these very comfortable seats that rock.  It was like being at home in your own recliner.
Mike enjoyed his popcorn.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you had a lovely evening as well.

Monday, September 4, 2017

South Paris, Maine by Maine Aerial Video Services (drone)

Just wanted to share a short video of what the area I live in will look like shortly, as Autumn makes it's appearance.  Great song choice by the videographer, from a group named Kiasmos, called "Looped".   I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for visiting.