Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Date Night with Mike at Magic Lantern Theater

Us at the Magic Lantern Theater in Bridgton, ME to see "The Glass Castle" starring Woody Harrelson.

A lovely old theater that was renovated several years ago.
Has only 3 theaters and an attached Pub.

We enjoyed the balcony.

And, these very comfortable seats that rock.  It was like being at home in your own recliner.
Mike enjoyed his popcorn.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you had a lovely evening as well.


  1. Looks like a fund day out and the chairs do look comfortable. Warm greetings.

  2. Hello, date nights are fun. I like going to movies, when there is one hubby and I both want to see. Have a great day!

  3. Glad you had great time together dear Carol!

    i am sure view from balcony was hilarious.
    you are right about the theater's chairs , either i can't enjoy the show if chairs are less comfortable .
    How bad that our all three theatr in the small city are downed and turned into shopping centers .Although cineplex is being made but seems like we still had to wait for almost year as it sounds like quite a big project

  4. It looks like a great time, Carol. Thank you so much for sharing your photos.

  5. What fun! This sounds like my first date. Glad you both enjoyed your evening!

  6. How nice! I'd love going there. We have a very old, renovated theater (used for stage performance and movies) in Oriental. It's quite fun to go there for an oldie :)

  7. Seats at the theatre that rock? Now that's comfort.

  8. Looks a fun night!
    Those seats do look comfortable.
    Thanks for sharing your photo's.

    All the best Jan


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