Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Low Carb Keto For 2

Since Mike is recuperating from shoulder surgery and doing well, I might add, he is sort of captive to my way of eating and he's happy to just sit back and let me do the cooking for a change.  Well, guess what he is eating these days?   Yes, low carb/Keto foods.

Brunch today was; mushrooms, spinach and cherry tomatoes sauteed in coconut oil with scrambled eggs made with butter and bacon that was oven crisped. 

Since this is No, No, November (no counting, no weighing, no stress) I did not calculate the calories and macros for this however I do know they are right in line with what I need to do to maintain this way of eating.  

I'm hoping Mike sees a difference on the scale and with how his clothes fit when he's recovered, enough to continue eating this way with me as it would be so much easier. He has about 3-4 more weeks in the sling.  Think that's enough time to convert him?  We'll see.  Yesterday Jacob gave him a handful of one of his favorite candies "Mike & Ike" and they are still sitting in the little dish beside his recliner.  That's a good sign!

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  I hope the sun is shining on you and you feel the blessings in the air. 


eileeninmd said...

Hello, your meal sounds delicious. I hope Mike recovers quickly. He may be happy to have you fixing his meals and not having to cook. Enjoy your day and week ahead.

Carol Flatt said...

Looks and sounds delish, Carol! Your "No, no November" plan sounds like a great idea. Sometimes one can statistic themselves too much. Kind of like the new analytics in baseball where they measure every little nuance. Just TOO MUCH.

Carol Blackburn said...

I think he is enjoying all of the attention. He keeps trying to do "manly" things that he knows he shouldn't. Like yesterday when my grandson drove me to the store, he went out and worked on the car, one handed no less. If he gets hurt I'm sending him to a Nursing Home for rehab. I swear! I hope you are enjoying your day. Thanks for visiting.

Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Carol, yes with having to do more for Mike right now I just didn't feel like tracking every bite. I've been eating this way for about 2 years now and really feel I know my stuff to be able to stay at the weight I want without all the fuss. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

hmuxo said...

I just made a copy of your brunch.. not crazy about spinach but maybe a substitute!!! When I had surgery on my shoulders, I should’ve stayed with you!!! Lol

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Carol it sounds like Mike may be healthier by the end of his recovery. Your lunch looks and sounds delicious. Thanks for stopping to visit me. Hugs!

Carol Blackburn said...

Thanks Hilda and Debbie!

Lowcarb team member said...

Love your meal.
Continued good wishes to Mike as he heals.

All the best Jan