Saturday, August 3, 2019

Wings and Wheels

Went to the coast today to the Owl's Head Transportation Museum for their day of "Wings and Wheels" when they bring out the restored vintage airplanes and take them up for demonstrations.  They entertain the crowd with many different demonstrations from the high wheeled bicycles to rides in a Model T.

Here are some of the things Mike was interested in.  Today was all about letting him enjoy himself, and I tagged along for company. 

 These "hit or miss" engines are always fun to check out.

And last but not least........this is a 1967 Camaro and I had one just like it when I was single. 

This was one special car and I wish I still had it.  I bought mine for $1,375.00 and it is worth about $20,000.00 now (restored estimate).

A lot of things didn't go the way we had planned for them to today but at least there were no mishaps and we got home safely. 

Thanks for stopping by.


eileeninmd said...


I love all the airplanes. They are colorful! My first car was a 1977 Camaro. It cost me $7500. Glad you arrived home safely. Happy Sunday, wishing you a great new week!

Carol Blackburn said...

I loved my Camaro. Wish I had it now. Thanks for stopping by, Eileen.

Debbie Nolan said...

Ah Carol I am sure Mike appreciated you going along and enjoying the day with him. Wow I loved seeing that old camaro - isn't it amazing how much they are worth today! Hope you have a great weekend friend. Hugs!

Lowcarb team member said...

So nice to see the old planes …

All the best Jan

Carol Blackburn said...

Thanks for all the wonderful comments. I appreciate your stopping by.

M.K. said...

Looks like a fun event! That is a neat car.

Carol Blackburn said...

Thanks everyone!